Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank You!

I have not fallen off the face of the earth...although it may seem that way!  It's been a rough couple of months around here and I'm afraid my creative activities have had to be tabled for a bit, but I thought it would be appropriate to post this card that I made recently....

This is a thank you to many folks.  First, thank you to my husband and daughter who have done absolutely EVERYTHING around here for the last two weeks while I deal with a bad back.  Thank you to my mom who came up to help out.  Thank you to my good friends:  Anita who has driven my daughter to events, sat with me, made me yummy cupcakes and taken me to PT.  Thank you to Barbara who made dinner the other night...and thank you to my scrappy friends who have forgiven my missed projects and cancelled classes.   And thank you to all my neighbors who have checked in to make sure we're doing OK.

I'm hoping to get back soon to my creative endeavors...the projects are all patiently awaiting me on my dining room table.  Just wanted everyone to know that they are appreciated!!!


  1. Here's hoping for a quick end to all you are going through. Love you. Anita


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