Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lori Whitlock: Easter Bunny Buckets

Hi Everyone!  Today I have a  tutorial showing how to create these adorable Easter Bunny Buckets.  I made these for my daughter and her college roommate because even the big kids like an Easter Basket!  I purchased the buckets at Michaels, and used some vinyl from both Silhouette and

I started with one of the bunny faces from the Easter Bunny Face Bundle   (here in the Silhouette Store).   I resized it to fit the bucket size.  To do this, I first measured the area of the bucket where the face would be placed.  I drew a square, using those measurements,  on my Silhouette mat, then layered the bunny face part over the square and dragged the corner down until the sizing was correct.  I then deleted the square.

Next, I un-grouped the pieces, and placed the face and whiskers pieces on my mat.  (I have them here twice because I made 2 buckets. )  I added strips of the vinyl to my mat, adjusted my cut settings and blade for vinyl cutting and cut these pieces.

Once I cut the face pieces, I started the process of adding them to my bucket.  First, I weeded out all of the "extra" pieces from my mat so that only my design remained.

Starting with one of the faces, I covered the design with a piece of transfer tape.  I ran my scraper tool over the design a few times to make sure the tape would stick to the vinyl.  I then peeled the tape off of the vinyl backing.  The face design stays with the tape.

Next, I centered the tape over the bucket where I wanted the face design.  I ran my scraper over the design a few times to help the vinyl attach to the bucket, then pulled the transfer tape off of the bucket.

I repeated these steps with the whiskers.  Once they were on the tape, I aligned them on the bucket to match up with the bunny's "cheeks" and used my scraper tool to help adhere them to the bucket.

To finish the buckets, I cut the ears from some Doodlebug Textured Cardstock and Doodlebug Petite Prints  and glued them to the inside rim of the basket.  I also added a 3D Bow (here in the Silhouette Store) cut from some plaid paper from Doodlebug's Easter Express Collection.  All that was left was to fill it with some treats!

The girls were very happy to get the treats!  That's it for me today, thanks for stopping by to peek!

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