Monday, July 23, 2018

Doodlebug Design: Sweet Summer Box Cards

Have you seen the Doodlebug Design Sweet Summer Cut Files?  They are just about the cutest files ever!  I love the fun and retro feel, they remind me of summers in the 1980s (yes, I have just dated myself...)!!  I decided to take a few of the files and make some box cards.  I just love box cards, they make such cute decorations!  Take a peek...

I used a combination of Gingham Linen Petite Prints and Sweet Summer papers to put these cards together.  I then added some stickers from the Sweet Summer Mini Icons and the This and That sheet and sentiments from the Sweet Summer Chit Chats Pack.  Here are close-ups of the individual cards...

Sweet Summer Radio (SVG, Silhouette)

Ice Cream Truck (SVG, Silhouette)

Pineapple (SVG, Silhouette)

Converting the files to be box cards isn't a hard process, below are some graphics showing how I converted the Radio card...

I started by resizing the base file so that it was a standard card size.  In this case the width was 5.5".

Next I ungrouped the file and created the "layers" of the box card.  In this case the center "layer" is the blue piece of the file  with the handle and buttons.  The front "layer is the face of the radio.  For the back piece, I made a copy of just the yellow portion of the front piece.

The blue piece of the original cut file had a small bump out on the bottom.  I want my card to stand flat so I cut this piece off using the knife tool in Silhouette.  You could also hand cut this piece.

To create the side pieces of my card, I drew a rectangle measureing approximately 1.9" high by 1.5" wide.  I added score lines .25" in from each side.  You could also hand score these lines.

To be able to adhere the center insert, I needed to add a couple of tabs to the sides of this piece.  I drew two triangles measuring 1" high by .375" wide, lined them up on the sides of the center piece and welded them to the sides.  Be sure to separate the buttons and handles pieces before welding.

Once all of this was done, I cut the pieces, and assembled the face of the radio and added the handle and buttons to the center.  To assemble the card, I created a box by gluing the sides to the front and back, making sure everything is aligned.  I folded the tabs of the blue insert forward, inserted it into the radio box shape and glued the tabs to the sides of the box, towards the front.

If you decide to try your hand at making a box card from a Doodlebug Cut file, make sure to share them on the Doodlebug Design Facebook page!  That's it for me today, thanks for stopping by to peek!

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