Monday, November 26, 2018

Doodlebug Design | Christmas Town Countdown Step Card Tutorial

I think that one of my favorite all time Doodlebug Products are the Odds & Ends packs!  They make it so easy to create fun little embellishment clusters and scenes!  I decided to combine them with a fun side step card base to create a fun Christmas Town Christmas Countdown card!  You could send this card to family & friends or just use it to count down to Christmas in your own house!  Take a peek...

How cute is this little calendar??  When my daughter was little it would be a big deal to change the countdown number every day!!  The card looks complicated, but it's really pretty simple to make.  I started with the base from this side step card by Lori Whitlock (SVG, Silhouette).  If you don't have an electronic cutter, you can still make the base with a score board or a trimmer and scoring tool.  I've done out the measurements for you here (the dotted lines are score lines, and the solid line is a cut line)

Once you've cut and scored the base piece, all that is really left is to decorate!!  For my card, I added the different Christmas Town Odds & Ends and Chit Chat pieces onto the different steps of the card to create a little scene.

For the numbers, I cut the lily white Dot-Stripe Petite Prints paper from the 6x6 pad into  0.75"x 1.5" pieces and added numbers from the Ladybug Abigail Stickers. (you will need 2 each of the numbers 1 & 2, then one each of 0 and 3-9 for a 25 day countdown) I cut a small frame for the countdown base, measuring 2"x3" and added some Limeade Teensy Type letters to the bottom. To hold the numbers on the card, I glued on one of the Christmas Mini Clothespins.  I used glossy accents to glue it to make it very secure. 

Finally I added a little pocket to the back of my card to hold the numbers.  I used this file from Lori Whitlock (SVG, Silhouette) which I re-sized to be approximately 2.25" x 3.25".  You could use a small envelope or bag as well.

I had so much fun making this card, I decided to make a couple of more to show the versatility! In place of the countdown you could also add your Christmas Photo like I did on this card.

I used a piece of transparency (available in your local office supply store) and glued it to the last step.  I added some snowflake stickers from the Christmas Town Icon Stickers.  They look like they are floating in the air above the card! I also used a piece behind the chit chat piece as well.   I just trimmed off the extra, but you could leave it if you didn't want to cut it.

Finally I just made a card featuring all Odds & Ends and Chit Chat pieces...

I used a transparency on this card as well to hold the Ho Ho Ho pieces.

These side step cards really are fun to make and when you combine them with the Chit Chat and Odds & Ends pieces, the creative possibilities are really endless!  If you decide to try one please be sure to tag @doodlebugdesign on social media so that we can see your creations!  That's it for me today, thanks for stopping by to peek!

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